AFM Accessories

AFM Accessories

SPM Probes &Test Structures :


  • Contact, Non-Contact, and Tapping mode Cantilevers
  • Cantilevers with conductive coated  tips for Chemical Nano Lithography, Kelvin Microscopy, and EFM
  • Cantilevers with ferromagnetic coated  tips for MFM
  • High grade tungsten for building STM tips
  • Cantilevers for special uses …

Standard Samples

  • One or two sided grade A, B, D, and H, HOPG samples with different thicknesses
  • TGZ series from 18nm to 1550nm deep
  • TGX series from 1µm to 2µm deep
  • TGG with useful area of 3×3mm and depth of 0.9µm
  • TGF with useful area of 3×3mm and depth of 18µm
  • MFM sample
  • TPR sample for testing RPM mode
  • Porous AL sample
  • Samples for special uses …

Supported Vendors

  • Ara Research, Iran
  • DME, Denmark
  • JPK, Germany

Other Accessories

  • Mika and Metal bases
  • Tip movement tools
  • Magnets for MFM tips