ARA Research New AFM

ARA Research New AFM

Nanotechnology, despite being at the forefront of modern science and engineering, is rarely taught in detail at the middle and high school levels. Educational ARA-AFM is designed to meet this important need.

Aims :

  • Providing training materials to meet the demands of students in nano-technology.
  • Teaching principles of imaging in nano and bio technology
  • Teaching nano-particles, nanometric bio-samples, carbon& titanium nano tubes etc.
  • Teaching scientific logics behind AFM functioning modes
  • Real practicing of nano imaging by AFM.

Main features :

  • Scanning range : 50 microns
  • Sample movement range : 7mm
  • Maximum sample roughness : 5 microns
  • Maximum sample thickness : 5mm
  • Maximum sample dimension : 10 * 10 mm

System special features :

  • Easy tip changing specially designed for students
  • Using cassette type tip holder to reduce tip changing
  • Using anti-acoustic and anti-vibration AFM chamber
  • Easy head disconnecting and removing
Ara Research new Atomic Force Microscopy(Nanoscope)

Software special features :

  • User-friendly for imaging
  • Easy adjustment of scanning point
  • Movement of micrometre-actuator in X and Y directions
  • Adjusting the light intensity inside head
  • Measurement of dimensional sizes in all images
  • Adjusting capability of various scanning parameters

Educational AFM is presented in the following modes :

  • Contact mode
  • Non-Contact mode